Crunch® PZX13002 - Powerzone X Series Class AB 2-Channel 1300W Amplifier

Crunch® PZX13002 - Powerzone X Series Class AB 2-Channel 1300W Amplifier
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Product Detail:

Class: Class A/B
Variable Voltage: 0.2V - 5.0V
Signal To Noise: >90 db
Frequency Response: 10Hz-45KHz
Crossover Type: Electronic Switch Full / LPF / HPF
High Pass Crossover 12 db Per Octave: 60Hz-1.2KHz
Low Pass Crossover 12 db Per Octave: 30Hz-250Hz
Tone Control: Built-In Bass Control
Bass Boost: 0 ~ 9 db
Power Output @ 2 Ohms: 650W x 2 chan.
Power Output @ 4 Ohms: 325W x 2 chan.
Mono Bridged @ 4-ohm: 1300W x 1 chan.
Total Channels: 2
Audio Input Connector: Unbalanced Inputs (RCA)
Audio Outputs: Line Output (RCA)
Power Terminal 12V/Gnd: 8 Ga
Speaker Terminal Wire Gauge: 12 Ga
Dimensions: 15.75 X 11.5 X 3.88" (40 X 29.2 X 9.8 cm)
Weight: 7.30 lb (3.3 kg.)


  • Inputs: Low Noise PreAmplifier. Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier circuit with minimal distortion
  • Hi Level Inputs: Low Level RCA Inputs and Outputs. Highest sound quality connection
  • Operation Mode: Two channel and bridged mono operation. Flexible installation allows this amplifier to run in two channel or bridged mono mode.
  • Crossover / Signal Shaping: Versa-Cross Electronic Crossover. No
  • Dual Amp Fader: Fully Adjustable 12dB Crossovers
  • Class / Topology: Class A/B. Designed to be high sound quality with minimal distortion
  • Output Devices Technology: MOSFET. Exclusive Crunch SPEED-FET MOSFET components maximize power efficiency while improving sound quality and minimizing distortion
  • Heat Sink: Aluminum. Maximum heat dissipation which minimizes distortion
  • Power Supply: Rugged MOSFET Pulse Width Modulation power supply. Allows amplifier to product efficient power without taxing the vehicle electrical system
  • Output Connections: Nickel Plated. Nickel Plated Brass Connection with terminals allow for secure connection while resisting corrosion
  • Connections Type: Allen Key Connectors. Angled connection for easy access for hand tool allowing a quick and secure connection
  • Signal Pass Through: Yes - Full Range. Allows additional amplifiers to be run from the "output" RCA connections which will minimize the need for additional cables running the length of the vehicle. This can dramatically minimize noise.
  • Diagnostics: Yes. Amp Protection with System Diagnostics LED’s to Protect Against: Current / Amperage Overload, Short Circuits, Thermal Overload, DC Offset

Music is changing, did you notice? It is way more than guitars and drums now. Today’s music demands that a car audio system can produce everything from classic music to tracks burned by a weekend DJ and mastered on a laptop. Crunch brings out every detail. Sorry DJ’s, even the bad mixes will be clear as a bell in your head. So, perhaps a bit more practice before unleashing the demon that is Crunch car audio.

The engineers at Crunch aim to make every system the best it can be. That means lots of options for installation configuration and lots of power. The Crunch POWERZONE amplifiers are designed to deliver big music and be very reliable. The Class A/B mono amplifiers are 1-Ohm stable and the 2 and 4 Channels amplifiers are 2-Ohm stable

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