Pyle® PLA2378 - Power Series Class AB 2-Channel 2000W Amplifier

Pyle® PLA2378 - Power Series Class AB 2-Channel 2000W Amplifier
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Product Detail:

Maximum Power Output: 2 x 1000W
Bridgeable Power @ 4 Ohms: 1 x 2000W
Output Power @ 14.4v DC, 50Hz
Frequency Response 20 Hz-50KHz (±3dB)
Low Pass Cross Frequency 40Hz – 300Hz
High Pass Cross Frequency 40Hz – 300Hz
Fuse Size 2 x 15A
Input Impedance: 47 kOhms
S/N Ratio: >90dB
Dimensions:10.24''W x 2.21''H x 11.02''L
Sold as: Unit
Weight: 7.28 lb


  • 2 Channels Bridgeable MOSFET Amplifier
  • 2 Ohms Stable
  • MOSFET Power Supply
  • PWM ( Pulse-Width-Modulation ) System
  • Glass Epoxy PCB
  • Silver RCA Inputs
  • Custom Terminal Block for Speaker Connection
  • Thermal / Overload / Short Circuit Protection
  • Soft Turn On/ Off
  • Advanced Protection Circuitry

Power Amplifiers:
The Pyle Power Series Amplifiers will provide your audio setup with a powerful new sound. Add performance and quality enhancement to your music when you upgrade your audio system with these rugged and high-efficiency amps. Enjoy tomorrow’s advanced sound technology that outperforms all other amps in its class.

This lineup of Pyle Power amps raises the bar when it comes to true sound quality. Get that sound you’ve been looking for with crisp music reproduction for any mobile audio environment.

Sound Specialization:
These high-efficiency amplifiers host impressive power output wattage and are where form and function meet. Enjoy sound and performance enhancing features like Ohm specific stability, Mosfet power supply, PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) System, Glass Epoxy PCB, silver RCA inputs, custom terminal blocks for speaker connections, strong frequency response, and input impedance rates along with plenty more features that make the Pyle Power Series Amplifiers stronger than the competition.

Intelligent Design:
Safety features include power and protection LED indicator; soft turn-on/off, thermal, overload and speaker-short protection. LED Indicator shows when the amplifier is powered up normally and when your system is experiencing a protection fault.

Pump it Up:
Take advantage of the Bass EQ Boost and turn it up. Make adjustments to the Bass EQ settings until you achieve that extra amount of kick you’ve been waiting for.

Strong Sound – Powerful Style:
The jet-black design leaves a clean finish on the fortified aluminum heat-sink. The stream-lined and high-tech appearance will definitely add some muscle to your audio.

Total Audio Control:
Once you’re connected, customize and adjust your listening experience to your liking with the amplifier’s control center. You can personalize and fine-tune settings like:

  • Level (Gain) Control – These are basically volume controls. This will allow you to adjust the incoming signal to the amplifier so that it works well with your headunit or to match the level of other amplifiers in your system.
  • Phase - Allows you to change the relative time that the waveform meets your ear. With standard subwoofer installations where the subwoofer is behind you, the phase should generally be at O. When subwoofers or woofers are in the kick panels or door panels, an adjustment is useful in delaying the timing of the wave meeting your ear.
  • High-Pass Filter – The High Pass crossover is used for sending midrange and high frequency information to a particular speaker. Activate the High Pass crossover if you intend to drive satellite or coaxial speakers in the system along with subwoofers driven by the amplifier’s channels. Even if your system does not include subwoofers, it may be helpful to activate the High Pass with smaller speakers to protect them from low frequency information to achieve better sound.
  • Low-Pass Filter - Filters high frequencies out of the music and improves efficiency and sound quality by allowing only the low frequencies to pass to the subwoofer. Sends only low frequency information to particular speakers. Low Pass crossover activation is usually desired if you intend to power subwoofers.
  • Bass EQ - Variable from a range of decibel adjustments, this feature regulates the impact of your bass kick. You’ll have manual control over balancing and correcting the frequency range of a given sound.
  • Crossover Switch – Basically acts as a filter and limits selected frequencies going to a subwoofer, which gradually reduce frequency signal strength. Routes output of the Low Pass or the output of the High Pass filters, or ‘Full’ to the power amplifier.

Speaker Output Connections:
Connect right and left speaker wire to corresponding speaker output terminals. Be sure to correctly connect the selected speaker wires to their respected speaker terminal, this includes both positive and negative wiring. Improper installation/wiring will result in the speaker cones to move out of phase which can cause bass cancellation.

Input Connections:
These amplifiers have inputs for Low Level input connections. The Low Level signal is carried through RCA connection cables.

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